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Respite care can be for a few hours during the day. It can also be overnight or for longer periods like a few weeks. You might use respite care occasionally or on a regular basis. Your child or loved one can be cared for in your home or somewhere else.

Key Points

  • Respite is a break for you and your loved one

  • Respite is care for your loved one for a few hours or a few days.

  • Respite can be home based, centre based or community based.

It can be hard to take a break from caring for your a loved one. But it’s good for you and your family.

Caring can be stressful and emotionally and physically tiring. Taking a break gives you the chance to recharge and look after yourself.


For example, you could go to a weekly exercise class, meet friends, go out for dinner with your partner, get an uninterrupted night’s sleep once a week, or go on holiday.

Taking a break can also give you a chance to spend time with your partner or other children.

Respite care is also a break for your loved one. They can have a change from his/her usual routine and do something different. This can help them develop new skills and some independence.

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