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Support Coordination

Axcess Disability provides a unique and specially tailored NDIS Support Coordination service to families in need.


We are there with you through the ups and downs, together.

Our NDIS Support Coordination team are dedicated and experienced support coordinators who have a unique touch to make navigating through the NDIS as simple as possible. Our person centred team of NDIS Coordinators work closely with you and your family from the get go.

We work on personalised goals and desirable outcomes.

We will support you or your loved ones to navigate the NDIS and assist you to build your confidence and abilities to enable you to work towards coordinating your own supports & participating in your community. This includes:

  • Supporting you to understand your NDIS plan and how to use it.

  • Resolving points of crisis.

  • Facilitating your choice and control.

  • Sourcing and connecting you & your family with NDIS providers.

  • Developing capacity in your network & coordinating supports from a range of sources.

  • Educating and building your capacity and your network to better understand the NDIS and its procedures.

  • Supporting in the negotiation of service agreements and budgets.

  • Liaising with NDIS providers around the effectiveness of support.

  • Supporting you with applications such as assistive technology or reviews and more.

The Axcess Support Coordination team can help you find the right providers for you, and get those services set up – including supporting you to decide the budget for each type of support and negotiating prices and service agreements.

What are the next steps?


Axcess Disability Support Coordinators MUST have access to your plan. It has vital information that will assist us to do our job, including the Start and Review Dates, the Funding Categories and the Budgets. How can a we break a plan down and help the client to understand it and their budget if they don't are not given a copy of it?


Having an understanding of the people and services that are already providing support to you, as well as whether they are satisfied with that support/service allows us to understand where to go next. Is a change of provider required? Should a new therapist be contacted? What is next on the list?


A Support Coordinator needs to have a good understanding of the goals listed in a plan, to be able to break down the budget in a way that will allow movement towards meeting those goals. Without an understanding of the goals, it is pretty much like shooting in the dark...pretty hard to hit the target!

Access Requirements

Providing appropriate support and engaging appropriate services means that we need to have a pretty good understanding of you as our client. This includes your access requirements, preferences, interpreter requirements, as well as general likes and dislikes. Without a proper understanding of you it can be difficult to get things right.

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