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Plan Management

What is Plan Management?

Plan management is the assistance of managing your NDIS funding and providers. Through Axcess we communicate with providers about your invoice, request payment from the NDIS and pay it through to your service provider.
Axcess Disability plan management MUST have access to your plan. It has vital information that will assist us to do our job, including the Start and Review Dates, the Funding Categories and the Budgets. How can a we break a plan down and help the client to understand it and their budget if they don't are not given a copy of it?

How does it work?

Plan management is really simple. Firstly, ensure or request that you have funding for plan management within your NDIS plan. Once you receive your plan get in contact with us, we will setup everything in our systems. Then when you receive your invoices send them through to us via one of our options, these include, Email, text/MMS or post.

What does it cost?

As long as you have funding for plan management “Improved Life Choices” within your NDIS plan, there is no out of pocket costs to you. We charge a setup fee and monthly ongoing fees which is paid through the provision in your NDIS plan. This money doesn’t reduce any of your other funding categories.

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